Webinar classes that push you to your purpose!


I believe that writing and reading are two powerful tools bestowed upon humans from the heavens to ensure we keep our minds entertained and our public libraries fully funded through late fees.

Since I started writing, I have had to do a lot of research and learn independently. I have come across many Gurus that give you the what but not the how in my journey. In my webinars, I will provide you with the how and also show you how to do it, not just tell you how if they did show you how they charged you a lot of money. Most people starting a business can't afford a mentor or a $500 to $1000 class. So my goal is to make it easy at a reasonable rate. All Webinars will be recorded and some pre-recorded so you can watch and learn in your own free time. I understand we all have other responsibilities, so I want to make it easy.


Let's Get Personal: The Art of Seeing how its done instead of reading it!

2 hours| Date to be announced

In the webinar, I will walk you through how to start your company with EIN, ISBN, bar codes and tips on creating your book cover. I am a visual learner so let me help you see it first hand.


Cherell is a fantastic teacher—her patience and detailed steps to start my publishing business put me at ease to get started!

Corial Cooper