The Wrong Kind Of Love (Ebook)


Most little girls dream of having their very own love story- Cherell Evans was no exception. Growing up in a two-parent household. She had a front-row seat to what real love looked like. Wanting the same story for herself, she began her own love conquest. She’d soon realized in the process that the “right kind of love” seemed to be nowhere to be found. What she did find was his not so distant cousin “the wrong kind of love.” In her web of “wrong kinds of love” Cherell found herself in multiple mental and physically abusive relationships. Scared and inexperience, she would find herself falling deeper and deeper into a pit of relationship despair. In her mind, her fairytale love story should have brought joy and happiness, but from relationship to relationship, that she could not find. Will she find that the love of her parents was their story and not hers? Or will she eventually find the right kind of love? Sometimes God will take you through pain to be a blessing to others and to get you to where he wants you to be

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