Book Consultation


If you would like for A.C.E Publishing to help you sell your books the process is simple. First, let me give you the details. We are a Christian based bookstore and our published books are either faith-based, inspirational, self-help, or faith-based fictional books. This can be a book to read, a journal to write in or a daily devotional to follow. When you partner with us you get instant access to our referral program where you can pick the brains of other authors, editors graphic designers, pastors, publishers and more. If you have a question on writing and publishing or you need a word for the day we have it for you in our Facebook Group.

To submit your book there is a simple $25 Processing fee. Your book will be our featured book for two weeks on our website. You get free promotion on Facebook and Instagram for a week. To help spread the word. You also get 50% of each ebook that is downloaded at the beginning of each month. If you would like to submit your book. Download our Summary for details then fill out the form below. The document is below in form field.

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