Our Services

  • The Release Pack
  • $1,200
  • This starter package includes book covers for Ebooks as well as paperbacks, editing services, ISBN and copyrights belong to the author, along with 60 copies of the book. This package is perfect if you are a new author and just want your book finished and released.

Best price
  • The Overflow Pack
  • $1,700
  • This package includes everything inside of the starter package. It also consists of a professional photoshoot and a personal website. Photos can be used for your book cover as well as your website. This package is perfect if you want to put yourself on the front of the book cover.

  • After The Release
  • $2,500
  • he Release Package, The Overflow Package, Managing of Website Personal Book Marketing NOTE: All authors will be advertised on the sites and platforms. This package allows for the authors to get a more in-depth marketing strategy for your personal website.

Individual Services

A.C.E. Publishing is happy to provide several services in packages as well and individual services. We will work with you from start to finish and beyond your finish product if needed. Individual prices!


Pricing for editing services can be pricy but we want to give you the best price for a professional edit for your work Please contact our expert for a detailed quote

Book Cover Design

Our book covers are made to fit your vision and intrigue your readers to buy. The price for both ebook and paperback is $68. For ebook only $48

Website Design