Does The Referral Program Guarantee Me More Clients

Our referral program can not guarantee you more clients but it is our goal to help you meet more people so you can have more clients.

Is There A Fee For The Referral Program?

No! Our referral program is completely free. We even have a Facebook Group to add you to so you can network with other editor, author, graphic designers and readers that love and follow God's word.

Is There For A.C.E. Publishing To Publish My E-Book In The Bookstore?

Yes! There is a small processing fee of $25 for you ebook to be loading and sold in the book store but you are also able to collect royalties for each download that is purchased. This is a partnership and we want to help you as an author.

Does A.C.E. Process Refunds?

Do to the fact that all product are digital we do not do refunds. If you have any problems with downloading our products please email CherellLatimer@acepublishing.org and she will take care of the issue.