Your Life Is Not Over

Grief is natural, but everyone demonstrates different ways to cope. Healing is possible emotionally, mentally, and spiritually and the fear of handling it all can be overwhelming. This devotional is not just about getting through the moment but living our best lives while healing. The length of the grief healing process is different for everyone, but each person must take the time to heal and heal properly. Written on these pages is love demonstrated through scriptures and encouraging words as you walk through the process



The Process

New Release

The Process is a series of poems written by Minister Lakeisha Abney. This collection of poems provides you with a glimpse into her process. Learning how to trust the process while experiencing and changing mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally while trusting God. These poems encourage finding your voice while pushing through your journey. We all have our trip to travel to get to who we are and what we are created to be. These words leap off the pages to inspire you to explore and find yourself with God leading the way. The question is can you withstand the process? Are you okay with allowing God to be the potter of your life? He will make you over if you let him, just as a potter that is not finished with his masterpiece. Many of us need to be molded and reshaped multiple times until God gets us right where he wants us. Go through the process and read each poem. Lakeisha captures your most inner thoughts in these pages and feeds your soul with the word of God on every page. Please go through the process. It is a life-changing experience!


Chronicles of A

"New Christian"

Have you ever been a new student in school? Did you feel like only the older students that were more familiar with the process were the only ones you could go to for help? Well, what if everyone came to the new student for help? Join Pamela Smalls Ball in her spiritual journey as a "New Christian," as she covers topics such as forgiveness, total faith, living a conflict-free life, and many more. No matter how long you have been a Christian, you should be able to learn something new about your walk with God.