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How To Publish A Book

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When I wrote my first book, I received help to publish it on Amazon. I wanted to learn how to do it independently, so I would have no one to blame but myself if it was not done right. I learned so much upon completing my 3rd book and publishing others' work. I wish to share what I learned in my journey with you.


How to Publish A Book!

Publishing a book can be easy but also scary. This book will share a few steps to get your book on Amazon and other platforms for significant distribution. First, let me introduce myself. My name is Cherell Latimer, C.E.O. of A.C.E. Publishing L.L.C., which stands for Acknowledging Christ Through Editorial. I have written three books, and each book was self-published differently. My pen name is Cherell Evans which I chose to keep after getting married to my wonderful husband. I didn't want to confuse my audience when searching for my books. Now I would never consider myself an expert in publishing, but my husband always says, "I know what I know." My grandmother also says you are never too old to learn something new. So I will continue to learn as much as possible and share it with you. This eBook could be something new.


In this book, you will learn:
How to start your company and what you need.
How to get copyrights for your book
ISBN and what they are.
How to find a good cover designer or do it yourself
How to edit your book before you send it to the editor
Recommended platforms to publish your book


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A.C.E books in the Cast Down series

God Remembers You

Sabrina finds herself in a abusive relationship she struggles with what to do next. Being a woman of God all she could do was pray to God. This time God has answered her prayers and sent her an angel named Zachariah. Zachariah not only has to save Sabrina but he also has to save the church and the pastor. The enemy is at work and a spiritual warfare is about to begin! When you ask God for help be ready to receive it no matter how or when it comes God remembers you.

God Is Pleased

What is a girl to do when she has it all, except love for herself? When Sherry's life changed drastically from a traumatic experience, she has no one to turn to but her best friend Sabrina. Sabrina introduces her to her best friend. A man named Jesus. The traumatic experience leads Sherry to become a millionaire but no one knows but her close friends.

Finding love is a dead end when all men really want is her money and her body. So she lives below he means and takes care of others until an Angel named Zachariah introduces her to Michael. Her new employee and the love of her life.

Michael is secretly in love with Sherry but he has skeletons in his closet that could cause sherry to run away from him forever. Both of their past are about to collide. Will Zachariah be able to save them from disaster, or will their lives be protected and hearts healed by the joining of God's covenant promise? Will God be pleased with them?

Defined By God

Most little girls dream of having their very own love story- Cherell Evans was no exception. Growing up in a two parent household. She had a front row seat to what real love looked like. Wanting the same story for herself, she began her own love conquest. She'd soon realized in the process that the “right kind of love” seemed to be nowhere to be found. What she did find was his not so distant cousin “the wrong kind of love.” In her web of “wrong kinds of love” Cherell found herself in multiple mental and physical abusive relationships. Scared and inexperience, she would find herself falling deeper and deeper into a pit of relationship despair. In her mind her fairytale love story should have brought joy and happiness, but from relationship to relationship, that she could not find. Will she find that the love of her parents was their story and not hers? Or will she eventually find the right kind of love? Sometimes God will take you through pain to be a blessing to others and to get you to where he wants you to be.

How to Publish A Book is easy to read and is a very detailed eBook. The links make it easy to get to the right place!

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Since I was 15, I have had a love for reading. It wasn't until my late 20's that I found my love for writing. In my Webinars I will show you how to self publish your books. There will also be key speakers that will help you with your business, writing and publishing goals. Anyone can write a book but its always good to get help on the detailed things of writing and publishing. We are here to help you in the process.

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