CastDown 2 – God Is Pleased! (Hardcopy)


What is a girl to do when she has it all, except love for herself? When her life changed drastically from a traumatic experience, she has no one to turn to but her best friend, Sabrina. Sabrina introduces her to her best friend. A man named Jesus. The traumatic experience leads Sherry to become a millionaire, but no one knows but close friends. Finding love is a dead end when all men really want is her money and her body. So she lives below her means and takes care of others until an angel named Zachariah introduces her to Michael. Her new employer and the love of her life. Michael is secretly in love with Sherry but has the skeletons that could cause Sherry to run away from him forever. Both of their past will collide. Will Zachariah be able to save them from disaster, or will their lives be protected and hearts healed by the joining of God’s covenant promise. Will God be pleased with them?

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